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Mobile Phone UV Sterilizer

Mobile Phone UV Sterilizer

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When was the last time you washed your phone? 
You just carry them and leave it on any place or surface you go, right?
We wash our hands and use sterilizer, and then pick up this disgusting source of bacteria and germs, and our hands go back to being just as dirty as before!

That's where UV-Clean Phone Sterilizer comes in. It's purse size and portable. It fits almost any phone, or anything roughly phone-sized that you want to sterilize - keys, lipstick tube, your debit card that you swipe a million times a day. It only takes 30 seconds per side.

It gives you better feeling of being able to effectively clean the dirtiest surface you own; especially now with the news of scary viruses spreading in the world, it is just one more way to keep yourself safe.


1: Appearance size: 224mm*111mm*52mm (length * width * thickness)
2: Power: Input: 5V/1A: Output: 5W (MAX)
3: Working light: UVC germicidal lamp: 270-285nm
                             UVA germicidal lamp: 320-400nm
4: Sterilization rate: 99.9%
5: LED display mode

Sterilization time:

5 minutes Sterilization: Click the switch button to sterilize for 5 minutes;
10 minutes sterilization: double-click the switch button to sterilize for 10 minutes;

Sterilization off:

The germicidal lamp goes out after 5 minutes of sterilization by clicking the switch button;
Double-click the switch button to sterilize for 10 minutes and then the germicidal lamp will go out;

Long press the switch button to turn off the germicidal lamp;



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